Zisola is the fruit of the fortunate liaison between a great Tuscan family and a land blessed by nature with excellent conditions for winemaking.

The Estate is located in southeastern Sicily, the home of Nero d’Avola, about 1 km outside the magnificent town of Noto, celebrated for its Baroque architecture. One of the most beautiful and spectacular areas of the region, it is protected by Unesco as a world heritage site. Here, in this alluring spot, with a long history and a rich culture, like all of Sicily, the Mazzeis found unexpressed potential and pioneered an ambitious project with considerable added value.

The two “baglio” buildings, one of which of particular beauty, stand in a splendid natural setting, with an extraordinary panorama of Noto. Around them extend the nearly 50 hectares of the estate, of which 21 hectares has been returned to its original use. Today, the land is covered by rows of grapevines decorated with olives, citrus trees and almonds.

In addition to the wine, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of particular interest, made with a blend of Moresca, Ogliarola Messinese and Nocellara Etnea olives. The small but efficient Cellar, carefully set into the main “baglio” building on the estate, is equipped with temperature-controlled stainless steel vats with a total capacity of 1,000 hectoliters, for fermentation, and 200 barriques of French oak, for aging.
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